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Innosilicon has announced an update for its A5 DashMaster X11 ASIC miner with a hash of 30 GH / s, released last year, as a new X11 ASIC with a 65GH / s hash, which was named Innosilicon A5 + DashMaster.

The new device is the two previous ones, connected together, as can be seen from the technical specifications. In any case, the Innosilicon A5 + DashMaster promises a 65GH / s hasht with 1500W power consumption and will cost you $ 4200, payment is also accepted in LTC or BTC (the price does not include the power supply). The market of the asics on the algorithm X11 is already quite crowded and the profitability of the DASH mining is not very high, therefore, perhaps the extraction of the altkoks or the use of multipoles will give the best results.


    hashrate: 65GH / s (+/- 8%)
power consumption: 1500w +/- 8%
chip type: A5 + DashMaster ASIC
dimensions: 265 x 250 x 155 mm
net weight: 6.02 kg (without BP)
operating temperature: 0 ° C to 85 ° C

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